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Sports Paws’ mission is to provide a facility and atmosphere where dogs of all ages and abilities can find a game or a class to enjoy with their person.  Learning is fun…learning with your best friend is even better!

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Where Dogs 
Come to Play!

Got your leash?  Your treats?  And your best furry friend?  Sports, games and activities await you at Sports Paws.

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Sports Paws is all about fun and games.  There is no better way to bond and spend time with your pup than helping them learn a new trick or a new game.  Sports Paws is currently offering “I Smell a RAT!” Intro classes as well as weekly practices.  We have ongoing agility classes from Foundation to getting ready for competition.  We have a CNWI teaching our Nosework classes and Fit Paws exercise classes coming soon!

I Smell a RAT!


We have a straw maze for climbing on and searching for our hidden rats.  Not to worry, no harm will come to the rats as they are well protected in PVC tubes from teeth and paws.  These aren’t just any farm rat, these are all pets, working to help dogs find their inner hunt drive.  Dogs will need to use their amazing senses of smell and hearing to locate the critters hiding in the loose straw.


K9 Nose Work is a searching game that any dog and human team can play. It engages both physical and mental exertion, making it perfect for young high energy dogs or older & otherwise physically challenged dogs.

Dogs who struggle with other dogs love K9 Nose Work class because search games are always played one dog at a time. While a single dog searches the others are crated separately or await their turn from the comfort of their own vehicle.

In the Foundations of Nosework class, handler dog teams work a variety of nose puzzles and games to build drive, confidence and independence.  

In the drop-in levels teams focus on specific odors for your dog to search out. This allows for more complex puzzles and endless search possibilities tailored to your team's needs.



Are you looking for a fast paced activity to do with your dog?  Does your dog love to jump on and over obstacles?  Sports Paws offers classes from foundation to getting you and your canine teammate ready to enter your first trial.



Dates/Times - TBD...

Just like people, dogs can benefit from core strengthening and some time in the gym.  Fit Paws classes provide a safe way to provide canine fitness and conditioning.  Great for older dogs to stay flexible and younger dogs to maintain core strength.

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Like humans, hard working and playing dogs stress their joints and nervous system. Animal chiropractic is natural, safe and effective at relieving new problems, and preventing underlying ones from developing. Pet’s love it!  Sports Paws is  pleased to have Dr. Amanda Kremer available by appointment to keep your dogs in top shape


About Sports Paws

Sports Paws is a place to experience dog sports – either for fun, or with the intent to compete.  We strive to bring safe, fun and stimulating activities for you and your pups to enjoy.  Watching your beloved companion learn a new trick or game is one of the most satisfying ways to feel, and see, bonds strengthen between teammates.

Dogs love to learn – and the best way to learn is alongside their human companions.  While these sports may be played to earn titles and accolades, those are primarily to make the humans feel good.  For the dogs, pure joy and satisfaction is derived from spending time with, and earning praise from, their humans.  And, of course, don’t forget about the COOKIES!

Our Team


Lisa Ziomkowski, CCFT

Facility Manager/Owner/Rat Handler

I have had the privilege to be an active participant in various dog sports and organizations for over 20 years including agility, nosework, herding, Barn Hunt, as well as other activities such as Fit Paws. 

Lisa has been involved in dogs sports for over 25 years.  She has earned agility championships with 5 different dogs in multiple venues and along the way has had the opportunity to watch as her teammates enjoyed both practice and competition.  In addition to agility, Lisa has competed in K9 scentwork, Barn Hunt and herding.  Each dog sport brings a unique opportunity to work with your best friend and watch their confidence grow as they learn a new skill.


Dr. Amanda Kremer, DC (AVCA)

Board Certified Animal Chiropractor

Dr. Amanda Kremer, D.C., B.S., (CVSMT) is an Animal Chiropractor, now residing in Vancouver, WA.  Originally from Michigan, , Dr. Kremer earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science at Michigan State University. Concurrently, during her studies, she worked as a veterinary assistant.

After graduation she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she attended the highly recognized, Western States Chiropractic College in 2006 earning her physician doctorate in chiropractic.

Her love of animals encouraged her to expand her education to learn how to become the chiropractor for animals and was accepted into the Canadian Animal Chiropractic Program in Brantford, Ontario to pursue her dream of working with animals. She was trained by the pioneers of Animal Chiropractic (both Veterinarians and Chiropractors) and excelled throughout the program. Once Dr. Kremer became certified (specialized) through the Canadian Animal Chiropractic Program, she also earned a certification through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA), the primary national credential for this field in North America. She is an active member of this organization and has even helped consult on occasion.

Dr. Kremer is also a member of the American Canine Sports Medicine Association and the Oregon Chiropractic Association (OCA).

Dr. Kremer, lives an active lifestyle in Vancouver, WA, enjoying time with her husband and 2-beagles, Alfi & Luigi.

Dr. Kremer is stays active with trail and has an accomplished record completing many mountain ultra-marathons. Her athletic dedication and personal emphasis on healthy living, coupled with her expert knowledge is fundamental to her practice philosophy.


Rachael Davis, CPDT-KA, CNWI

Nosework Instructor

Years of working on behavior training with both challenging rescue dogs and restless home companions have given Rachael a wide and varied view of the world of dog behavior. This led Rachael to discover K9 Nose Work as an avenue for fun and engaging team-based training. After seeing dogs and owners from all kinds of situations blossom under these training routines the benefits and links became clear. Rachael uses both positive reward-based training and K9 Nose Work to provide unlimited potential for customized training programs and enrichment activities for you and your dog. As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI), Rachael can guide you and your canine companion to become an even closer team!

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog has never searched for rats?  Can we do this?

Yes!  Sniffing is one of the most rewarding activities for most dogs.  Some dogs may benefit from an Intro session where we break down the activity into small pieces and others might be ready to jump in with all four paws.  Intro classes are formed as needed to give dogs the best chance of success.

Can my dog hurt the rats?

The 4” PVC pipe that is used is tough stuff.  The rats are my pets and I will look out for their well being while we are working.  I appreciate their help in teaching our dogs this fantastic game and don’t be surprised if you hear me tell them that!

Do I have to touch the rats?

Nope!  The rats are in protective PVC tubes for practice time and if you do not wish to pick up the tubes when your dog indicates a rat is found, I am happy to handle them.

My dog has “met a rat” but we are still new to the game?  What practice session should we sign up for?

All levels can be accommodated at each practice.  Dogs hunt individually, so the degree of difficulty can be adjusted based on your dog’s need.  Just sign up for a class and we will work from there.

Why are your practice sessions called “I Smell a RAT”?

The term Barn Hunt and the Barn Hunt Association are both trademarked names.  Only clubs that are sanctioned by the Barn Hunt Association to put on trials are allowed to use those terms.  Not to worry though, the skills that you practice here are all within the rules of the Barn Hunt Association and are intended to provide a foundation for trialing should you choose to.

Where are “I Smell a RAT” practices held?

Rat searching is done in our older, tan barn beyond the agility field.  There is parking near the barn.  Please follow the gravel driveway around, past the house and park by the trailers.

I am interested in Nosework.  How do I sign up for that?

Our nosework classes are taught by Rachael Davis, CNWI.  For class availability and signup please contact her at The Dog Path.  Classes are taught in the main Sports Paws barn.

I am interested in getting my dog seen by Dr. Kremer.  How do I schedule an appointment?

Please go to Dr. Kremer’s website,  There is an online scheduling tool for appointments in the main Sports Paws barn.

I am interested in Agility?  How do I get started?

Contact Lisa at  Foundation 1 & 2 classes are offered in our indoor training barn.  Our primary agility field is outdoors on sand for longer sequencing and course work.

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