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Photo by Joe Camp

Agility Foundation 2

Next session TBD...

This class is for dogs 9 months of age or older who have taken a Foundation 1 class or have equivalent skills.  Handlers are familiar with handling concepts such as front crosses & rear crosses, drawing a path for the dog, and working on both the right and left sides.  Dogs should have some exposure to jumps and tunnels. 
The course will introduce the dog to the contact obstacles (A-frame, Dog walk, Teeter & Table) and weave poles.  Weave poles are taught using the channel method with gates and/or guide wires.  Jumps and tunnels will also be used.  Classes will be taught both indoors and outside.  Sessions are 4 weeks  and cost is $100 per dog.

Agility Foundation 1

Next Sessions starting in April.  Dates & Times TBD


Classes are offered Mondays and Wednesdays.  Sessions are 4 weeks in length and cost $100 per dog.  Class size is limited to 4-6 dogs and only one dog at a time is off leash.

 This class is for dogs 9 months of age or older and handlers new to agility.  Dogs will need basic obedience skills (sit, stay, come).  Classes are taught indoors on agility mats.
The course will cover handling on the flat including footwork for front and rear crosses for the handler.  We will introduce the dogs to jumps and tunnels and begin short sequences with those obstacles.  There will be home work each week.  

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Open Practice

Need to work on contacts?  Want to practice weave poles?  Just looking for a chance to run on course and practice with your dog? Open practice will have a course set and you and your dog can take turns with other like minded agility folks practicing whatever you wish.  Sign up for weekly open practice sessions.  $15 per dog.

Competition Agility

This class is for dogs and handlers who are ready to run full Novice (and possibly Open) level courses.  In addition to course work, we will discuss trial entry, different agility games, and any aspect of agility you may have questions on.
This class will take place outdoors in a fully enclosed, open sand arena.   Classes are offered week to week and are $25 per class.

Agility Foundation 3

Classes are ongoing on Tuesday afternoons.

This class is for dogs over 1 year of age.  Dogs must be able to focus and work off leash around other dogs and people.  Dogs should have experience with all of the common agility obstacles, but may not be proficient with all of them.  Handlers should have experience walking and running short sequences (5-8 obstacles) and be comfortable with working dogs on both right and left and performing front and rear crosses.
This class will work on Novice level courses, and sequences may frequently be 12+ obstacles.  We will discuss walking courses, planning the dogs’ path, and other handling skills.  The class will take place outdoors in a fully enclosed, open sand arena. Practice sessions are offered on a week to week basis and are $25 per session.

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